Tuesday, April 1, 2014

+++ Report on house Luton +++

+++ To the headquarter in the Gota sector +++

The training of the first recruits from house Luton is almost finished. They now master cleaning and firing of the local slug weapons just as well as a regular guardsman. They have shown great talent to follow order without question. We have also got enough uniforms to equip the first squad. The uniforms has the light blue of house Luton to easy identify the formations on the battlefield and make sure they are not mistaken for more valuable imperial guard formations. These first men is to be further trained as NCO for the regiment and assist in training of new recruits with the goal to train ten times as many men in the next wave. 

Primary training has been to defend static lines but with the help of the newly arrived tech priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus new transportation for the local troops is in the making and further training in mobile combat will increase their potential in the coming offensive against the orks.

+++ 833.994.M41 General Almund Garnif of the Ferran Steel eagles, High commander of Agnebergus IV +++

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