Sunday, April 6, 2014

+++ TREASON! +++

+++ To the headquarter in the Gota sector +++
+++ Priority High! +++
+++ Security A +++

It is with great disappointment I have to report that High Commander General Almund Garnif has failed to report the recent events on Agnebergus IV. The commander of the first and second legion of the Ferran Steel eagles has failed to report in since three days ago. They are assumed to have deserted and orders for disciplinary actions has been issued. They where en-route to take position close to Equistrus Minoris for the pending counter attack when we lost contact. The last word we got was from commissar Lucus Hadoris reporting in that the legions where killing their commissars. Both legions has taken great losses in the recent battles and is considered to be easy to exterminate.

My strong recommendation to formal high commander Garnif was however to immediately report this to the headquarter. I have since learnt that he failed to to so, probably hoping to solve the situation unnoticed. 

The event that two of the legions under General Garnif deserted strongly compromised the Generals ability to command the operations on Agnebergus IV, but after I learnt that he also failed to follow protocol and report the desertions I have no other choice but to releave the General of his command and put him into custody. The high command of the forces on Agnebergus IV has been taken over by me until I reach command from the headquarter how to proceed in this matter. I recommend that the General should be demoted and sent to the front on Gota and the high command on Angebergus shall be assumed by Captain Harianus.

+++ 837.994.M41 Commissar-General Baruccus Ludius +++  

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