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Upon hearing the demise of her beloved brother to those filthy orks, commander O'Hada became engulfed with rage and revenge. The rage spread quickly among the warriors of her cadre, unhindered due to the lack of ethereal. At nightfall almost half the cadre left their post on foot, wending into ork territory to find the slayers of O'Sada and avenge his death. The entire night they marched and as day broke they found themself on one of the wet moors of northern Unum. The morning brought a dense fog limiting the visibly to less than a hundred paces. Even the trusty heat spectrum in O'Hadas helmet seemed to be unable to break through the fog and give some clarity, the damp weather reducing the heat of all and everyone to an even level.

With the cold damp weather also O'Hadas rage seem to cool down. Worryingly she start to scan the white world that surround her and her cadre. Why haven't the scouts reported back yet? She only got static in return. Slowly she and a few fire warriors started to advance. The audio sensors suddenly picking up a dulled sound, a squeak, like from slowly grinding wheels. Wasn't there movement, or is it just shifting in the fog? No it is movement. Quickly she order her warriors to seek cover. Something approaches in the fog. Now she could identify the foe. Orks, and they seems to have brought some artillery with them. They are to close for a tactical retreat, not here on the open moor, not without vehicles. They have to fight.

The game was fought using OnePage Grimdark Future rules with 1000pts per side. Both forces where mainly foot sloggers. 

Tau forces
Tau Commander O'Hada in Battlesuit with a missile pod, pulse rifle and a flamer

3 Crisis Battlesuites with 2x Fusion Carbines, 2x Pulse rifles, missile pod, gatling carbine and a shield drone

10 Firewarriors with pulse rifles

10 Firewarriors with pulse rifles

5 Gun drones with pulse carbines

Ork Forces
Warboss Sniffscuffla with a big chain choppa (Energy Sword) and heavy armour

10 slugga boyz with a big choppa nob (Energy sword)

10 slugga boyz with a big choppa nob (Energy sword)

10 shoota boyz with a big shoota

10 grots with a herder

3 Kannons with grot crew

The ork won the rolloff and choose the side with some ruins on it. We had decided that the small pool was impassible while the small patch of swamp was dangerous. The hills where difficult.

The orks spread the kannons even along their front with the shootas taking cover in a ruin and the sluggas taking the flanks. 

The tau decided to keep the crisis suites and the gun drones in reserve while position the fire warriors behind an old forest and a patch of bushes for cover. Commander O'Hada joined her forces on the board on the right flank.

We rolled for five objectives. The orks started to place them. Most objectives where placed in the centre.

Turn 1 Orks begin

The goblin artillery in the centre fire at the fire warrior trying to hide behind some bushes. But succeed to hit a big pool of mud instead. A one was rolled, not a good start.

The fire warriors behind the dead forest carefully advance into the forest and take position outside the range of the ork shootas and fire at the slugga boyz that foolishly is in the open. Five pulse beams hits. Five orks dies. The Boyz are extremely confused about who is shooting at them and start to fight about where to charge. The sluggas where down to half their size and forced to take a moral test, which failed. Pinning them forcing them to use their next action to get back in order.

The kannon on the ork left advance to a advantageous position in a ruin and fire at the fire warriors in the dead wood. They hit the hill beside the wood. Another one rolled.

Concerned of the shell that hit the hill in front of her O'Hada decide to try to take out the kannon. She advance and fire her pulse rifle and missiles, the flamer was not in range. The missiles hit the ruin wall, the pulse rifle on the other hand hits the kannon but is deflected from its thick armour. It would be better if the missiles had hit since they had Ap(3). With the massive armour of 9+ of the kannon alot of Ap is needed to bring it down to manage levels. The missiles could at least have the possibility to wound it on a 6, while the pulse rifle needed a 6 and then a reroll of 4+.

The shootas realise that their weapons does not have the range to reach the fire warriors in the dead wood so they advance a few steps. Bringing some of them out of cover and blaze away! The mass amount of bullets in the air cut down three fire warriors. The orks needed sixes to hit. But with 18 dices there is bound to be some hits.

The other team of firewarriors takes the opportunity. They advance into cover of the bushes and fire at the orks in the open. Killing three of them. In this case four of the orks where in the open. The other where in cover so we decided that Tau where allowed to fire without the -1 for orks in cover, but could at most kill those outside cover. They simply concentrated the fire on the exposed targets.

The grots rushed forward eager to get into firing range.

On the ork right flank both the slugga boyz and Sniffscuffla rushed forward but still hiding behind the hills to avoid some of the Tau fire.

The third kannon also tried to fire at the fire warriors in the dead wood. Killing a already dead tree. At least it was not a one rolled.

Finally the brawling orks gets back in order and is united in what direction to charge next.

Turn 2 Tau begins.

O'Hada slipped a smile inside her helmet. This might not be the orks that slayed her brother but it did still felt good to kill them. She had most of them where she wanted. Charging her gunline. Now it was time to call in her reserves to deal with the almost unprotected ork artillery. She called in the Crisis suites. But only static answered her. The dam wet air must be interfering with the electronics. At least the pre-planned attack vector of the gun drones had not failed as they came zooming in on the orks left flank. The crisis suites did not succeed their roll for deployment. The gun drones did and at least did not scatter either.

The recently rallied slugga boyz where taken completely by surprise by the fast drones that came out of nowhere from the thick fog. Cutting down every single ork in the group.

The shootas is however fast to react. Shift their position in the ruin and fire all they have at the drones that now is in the open. Destroying all but one of them that is instead spinning out of control.

The fire warrior opposite the shootas take the opportunity while they move and kills another three of them. The orks however stay organised.

The kannon in the centre of the field roars. Hitting a ball of moss far away from the designated target, the fire warriors in the bushes. Yet another one rolled.

Commander O'Hada stop cursing in the useless comlink and fire all weapon she have in range of the shootas hoping to wipe them out. But her rage make her shoot go wide and none hit the targets.

In front of her the kannon in the ruin fire at the fire warriors hiding in the dead wood. Again almost hitting O'Hada. Guess what, a one rolled.

The fire warriors hiding in the bushes lacks good targets. They can choose between the kannons that is almost impossible to damage or the grots. They go for the grots. The low stone wall in front of the grots  protect them from the worst fire and only two of them goes down.

The spared kannon fire back at the fire warriors. Hitting ground just in front of them spraying them with dirt. At least a 4 rolled. If the fire warriors hadn't been in cover it would be a hit.

While the fire warriors is occupied with killing grots the orks and Sniffscuffla rush forward from the hills towards the bushes full of foes. Foolishly expose themself in the open. Just for the hopes of getting a good brawl.

On the other side of the field the grot advance into firing range to the tau in the dead wood. Most of the shoot however goes wide and those that hit bounces of the fire warriors armour.

Turn 3 Tau begins.

O'Hada curses over the comlink. The orks are getting close now and the kannons are bound to hit something sooner or later. But for no avail, only static answer her.

The fire warriors in the bushes fire direct fire at the advancing orks. But the nerves are not under control. Only three of the brutes are killed. Far to few. The orks are lucky there where a lot of ones rolled.

The orks smash through the bushes into the tau, roaring with happiness. Slaying five of them before a decent counter fire could be organised, killing two of the orks and driving them back a bit.

The other team of fire warriors want to fire at the sluggas in the ruin but realise that their line of fire are blocked by weedy grots. Desperate they try to clear them but only manage to kill two of them.

The shootas advance to get a clear line of fire at the side of the grots and fire back at the fire warriors. With some lucky shoots they manage to kill two of the warriors. This is to much for the remaining warriors and they hit the ground and refuse to rise. Tau is reduced to less then half their numbers and fail the morale test.

Commander O'Hada realise that she has to try to take out the kannons herself and jump over the hill she has been taking cover behind to get into range with her flamethrower. But the cowardly grots just take cover behind the armour shield of the kannon and manage to get away unscratched. There where a lot of hits but again there where no sixes rolled for to wound. The kannons are almost impossible to wound.

While they where hiding behind the kannon shield the grot used their time to reload the kannon and fire back at O'Hada. But there is something with having flames raging around you that seriously affect your ability to aim. The round miss with several meters even thou the short distance. Yes you guessed it, another one.

The final drone is getting the control back.

While all the firing on the right flank has happened the kannon in the centre has advanced a bit (and by sheer coincident happens to control an objective after the move) and is then firing at commander O'Hada that now is in the line of fire. It is a direct hit in the chest of the commander. The armour piercing shell penetrate the crisis suite before it detonates inside it spreading pieces of O'Hada all over the place. The kannons where bound to hit something sooner or later.

Boss Sniffscuffla like to hear the cannonball roarin'. But even more he likes a good fight. He charge the remaining fire warriors in the bushes from the flank. With his enormous chain choppa he cut one of them in half and mortally wound another. The remaining fire a few pot shots that fail to do any damage before they turn and run.

The third cannon on the right flank also advance and fire at the remaining fire warriors in the dead wood. The shell hit in the middle of the troupe but their armour withstand the shrapnel. 

Is a whole other thing about the grots that now, certain of victory, leave the safety of the stone wall and advance over open ground while firing everything they got. The pinned and newly shaken fire warriors are running around like confused chicken trying to find new cover and three of them are killed by the grot fire.

Turn 4 Tau Begins

Ui'Ceca  scanned all the ranges of the communication protocols once more, still only static. He started to worry. The small squad of crisis suites had no visibility of the battlefield from their rear position due to the fog. But the flashes of pulse fire and explosions had been seen lighting up the otherwise grey world every now and then. The fight must be hard. Why hadn't commander O'Hada called them in yet? This was enough, they had waited long enough. Never mind if they would get in trouble with O'Hada about disobeying orders. Ui'Ceca signalled to the other warriors and they took of. The sight that meet them once the battlefield come into view where not a pleasant one. Orks everywhere, but where where their troops? Ui'Cece decided to land in the middle of the field, trusting the power of the suites to protect them, hoping to get an overview of the situation and at the same time be in a good position to kill as many orks as possible.

The crisis suites land not far from the centre kannon and advance by foot towards it (getting close to the objective) before fire at it with the fusion blasters. The power of the blaster melt the entire kannon, exploding the shell in the barrel, killing all the grots. The two other crisis suites concentrate their fire at the orks that recently killed the fire warriors in the bushes. But only manage to kill two of them.

The shootas decide to fire at the lone gun drone that has regained control and finish it of before it could become a threat.

The few renaming fire warriors in the dead wood rally them self and get back in order.

The kannon on the ork right flank advance a bit (and secure an objective) then fire an anti tank shell at one of the crisis suites. Hitting it straight in the head decapitating the poor tau within it.

The other kannon on the left flank fire at the fire warriors but manage to put the shell in backwards and nothing happens. And there we rolled a one again.

The grots advance into the dead wood. Killing another fire warrior when they are on a row anyway.

The three remaining slugga boys decide to, against the orders of Sniffscuffla, charge the crisis suites.  Most of their blows bounces of the armour of the crisis suites but a few dig deep wounding one of the warriors. One of the orks however takes a hard blow to the head and bites the dust.

Sniffscuffla snicker a bit and think boyz will be boyz while he advance into the bushes seeking why the tau decided to defend it? (Thereby securing and objective)

The game is over with a decisive 3-1 victory for the orks.

I did not take long for Ui'Ceca to get a grasp of the situation. As fast as the suites had landed they took of again. Near a bush not far away from the battlefield an ork throw of his camouflage net that he has been hiding beneath. Revealing a strange apparatus beside him. Mek Scrotrumpa was pleased with himself and he figured that boss Sniffscuffla would be so as well. For a long time he had been listening to the radio transmissions that the newcomers had sent out. He had built the machine that scrambled their communication channels, he had suggested for Sniffscuffla that they should use it together with the fog to get close to the blueskins. He should get a lot of thoofs now, a lot of thoofs to buy new shiny things with.

The game was a revenge for the orks from the previous game where it was the orks that was nearly annihilated. The orks however had to thanks the bad luck for the tau reinforcement that made sure that the crisis suites did not come in until it was to late. 
The kannons was an interesting unit for the orks. On one side where they utterly unable to kill any thing but crisis suites. There where a lot of ones rolled. On the other side their armour of 9+ made them in turn more or less unkillable making them perfect objective guards.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Strategic report of the situation on Unum

+++ Strategic report of the situation on Unum +++
+++ Public log of Colonel Jospeh Catgor +++

+++ Entry 1118A +++

+++ Entry 1118B +++

There has now been more than a year since we last had any communication with the orbital command centre (OCC) and we must assume that we will be on our own for foreseeable future. The loss of the OCC caused a sudden collapse in the communication between the different regiments on the planet. The Mehsinov regiment had fortunately been positioned on the east coast when the collapse occurred and got some time to reorganise. Command was transferred after a common vote between the commanding officers to me. Our first priority was to secure food and weapons supplies from local sources since it was obvious that no more supplies would arrive. All local population in Mehsinov controlled areas where drafted and evaluated for the most effective position. To preserve manpower and ammunition we where forced to fight only defensive battles. Fortunately it has been possible to bolster our ranks by survivors from other destroyed regiments from further west.

After a few week we got the production of laser weapons up and running and is at the current situation producing more than a thousand a day. We have also made sure that the fertile areas of Mehsinov controlled areas are used for full production of food and livestock. Unfortunately do we not have the skill or STC for producing any advance vehicles but we has manage to get some production of standard spare parts up and running and is hoping to have a functional fleet of vehicles running for another few year.

The border areas has been heavily fortified by both visible and hidden fortifications. We are now prepared for a long siege in the hope that reinforcement will return in a couple of years when the central command has discovered our situation.

In the mean time we have tried to contact other Imperial forces on Unum to coordinate our efforts. It seems like there is still a rather good presence of imperial troops on the planet and if we only are able to coordinate our forces we could very well even defeat the orks.


+++ Supplementary note 1118C +++

The situation has changed drastically.
Recent clashes between unknown foes has indicated that there is a present of the forces of chaos at our borders. This is a grave threat. 
Our scouts has also reported that an unknown force of xenos seem to have landed not far from our border. The scout reports that the xenos seems to not be directly hostile and has been seen fighting against the orks as well as the forces of chaos. I have decided that contact should be made with the unknown xenos and if their goals do not seem to hurt the good of the Emperor a temporary alliance should be suggested.


+++ Supplementary file 1118D +++


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Morning Raid

Since the Tau arrived at Unum they have struggled with trying to translate and understand the imperial archive and intelligence reports that they has been able to find in the area they have secured. There is good news. It seems like the planet actually has been able to produce limited quantities of Teryllium, a resource needed to fuel both the space ships as well as the Tau skimmer. Unfortunately it seems to been produced in the southern hemisphere of Unum, far away from their current bridgehead. However it seems like a trade route that carried Teryllium used to pass not far from Tau area before the wars. The Command judges that the chances where high to find some left shipments of Teryllium in the abandoned colony of Teta 17. There is however only one problem. The colony was abandoned since it was overrun by orks

The battle was fought using the new GrimDark Future one page rules that can be found here 
Both sides had no experience in the new rules so we did probably not play entirely according to them.

Tau forces

Tau Commander O'Sada in Battlesuit with a missile pod, pulse rifle and a flamer

3 Crisis Battlesuites with 2x Fusion Carbines, 2x Pulse rifles, missile pod, gatling carbine and a shield drone

10 Firewarriors with pule rifles

1 Hammerhead with railgun and smartmissiles

Ork forces
Warboss Smashfaca Sukkapuncha with Shoota, Power claw, Cybork body and heavy armour.

20 Boys with pistols and close combat weapons. Led by a nob with a big choppa (Energy sword)

20 Grots with a herder

A Battlewaggon with a kannon and four rokkits.

5 Nobs with Pistols and basic choppas

3 Bikes

Commander O'Sada had laid a careful plan. His forces has travelled across the enemy territory during the night and will attack with the first light, the main force should try to draw the orks inside Teta 17 to the border of the colony and occupy them there for as long as possible while a team of stealth suites where to infiltrate the colony searching for Teryllium.
As the dawn broke and the ork sentinels spotted the Tau company just outside the colony they quickly rushed to battle

Both sides rolled for choosing side. The orks won and choose the side with the colony buildings since they did not want to give the Tau unnecessary cover. The orks set up with a strong centre with the bikes ready to outflank on the left and the battlwaggon with the nobs on the right. The Tau on the other hand choose to only deploy the Hammerhead and the Firewarriors on board. Keeping the crisis suites in reserve.
Then we rolled for who would set up the first objective marker. We where not quite sure of the order between deploying forces and setting up objective markers but we interpreted it this way. We rolled for four objectives and the orks to place the first. The orks choose to place their objectives rather close in the middle of the board while the Tau concentrated on the left flank where the orks where the weakest.

Turn 1 Orks begins

The grots rushed forward taking cover as good as possible in the colony buildings.

The Tau has to activate a unit, without much to shoot at they choose the grots. The small statue of the grots making them a hard target behind a low wall and only three is killed. The Tau had a quality of 4+ when shooting. But since the grots where in cover they needed 5+. Only 4 shoot hit their target. After the hits is resolved you should roll the defence of the target. To kill a grot you need to roll 2 or higher on the die. Not a hard task. To make it even easier the Tau has armour piercing pulse rifles that gives them +1 on their dies. So they actually only need to roll one or higher. However if we understand the rules correctly a one is always a failure to hit and wound so in this case the armour piercing doesn't matter. One 1 was rolled and only three of the four grots that where hit was actually killed.

Smashfaca bellows at his orks that they act like they are bigger cowards than the grots and the orks rushed to.

The Hammerhead re-position it self a bit and fire at the Battlewaggon that however was rather obscured by the buildings and the railgun miss the target. The smart missiles however hits but does only minor damage. All four of the smart missiles did hit since the linked seems to counter the -1 you get from the cover with a +1 to hit. However they did not have very much in the way of armour piercing and a 8+ needed to be rolled which resulted in that you had to first roll a six and then a four or higher. One lucky missile did nevertheless found a week spot and damaged the waggon. The Tau had now activated all its units on the field and it was all free to go for the orks

The bikes rushed around the shed and headed towards the Hammerhead.

On the other side the driver of the battlwaggon got really annoyed by the rocking the missiles had caused and hit the high gear rushing forward.

The nobs thought that they where close enough and decided to disembark and firing their pistols in the process. Actually killing a Tau even though they had some cover of the dune in front of them. It seems like it is no longer possible to charge out of a vehicle. So the Nobs had to disembark and try to engage next turn, a bit unorky in their mind.

Lastly Smashfaca also rushed forward aiming to join the Nobs in the slaughter.

Turn 2, Tau begins

Commander O'Sada has been studying the progress on a small hill not far away. It seemed like the right time. A short command over the comlink to the other Crisis suites and they all lifted into the air simultaneously.
The Tau started the turn since they was out of units to active first in the previous. The Tau rolled for reinforcement and both passed the roll so they where placed on the board.
Commander O'Sada landed close to the Hammerhead. Recognising the threat of the combine force of the orks and bikes, figure that his flamer could even out the odds. The other Crisis suites landed behind the Battlewaggon hoping to give their Fusion Blasters a favourable target.

The Crisis suites with the fusion blaster fire at the Battlewaggon while the rest aimed at the Nobs that now where in the open (We had decided to houserule that different weapons in a squad can choose different target. The rules are not quite obvious on this). Gork was however on the orks side and one shoot of the blasters did miss the waggon while the other burned a huge hole in its back. The nobz where not as lucky as one went down to the combine fire of the two crisis suites and another nob where wounded. A total of four wounds where caused on the Nobz and since they can take three each one was killed.

The Battlewaggon driver decided that it was do or die and advanced forward as fast as possible to get
to the side of the Hammerhead and able to shoot at it without its cover from a dune. The kannon nevertheless miss (orks) two of the rokkits however hits. But they bounced of the sloped armour of the Hammerhead. After modification for armour piercing the ork needed a 4+ to wound the Hammerhead. Two threes where rolled. A pity since if both rokkits had hit the Hammerhead had been no more.

The Firewarriors instead concentrate all their fire at the advancing Nobz. And succeed to kill another of them.

On the ork left flank the bikes, now in range with their short range shootas, fire at the Hammerhead. The shear amount of bullets in the air actually manage to cause a minor damage on the war machine.  The bikes needed to roll first a six and then a four or higher and manage to do one damage.

This does not however seem to concern the gunner of the Hammerhead that had taken his time to make sure that the advancing Battlewaggon is in the aim. A devastating salvo from the rail gun turn the Battlewagon to a smoking wreck, the slower missiles that follow up the railgun only hits thin

Smashafaca yell at his expandable grots that they should better advance towards the flyis on the hill or he will personally smash their faces. The grots advance into firing range and give it all they have. Alot of grots actually hit the crisis suits but not a single manage to pierce their armour. 12 shot hit. None rolled the 6 that was needed to wound one of the suites.

O'Sada did not like those plinking sound the bikes made on his Hammerhead. So he jumps over the Hammerhead and fire all he have at the bikes, the flamer was especially effective making two of the bikes go boom. The single surviving ork however continue to advance. 

The orks in the middle continue to rush toward the Hammerhead.

The nobz charge the Tau firewarriors hoping to smash some helmets in. The attack is not an success and only manage to kill three of the Tau while the valiant Tau in return manage to take down a wounded nob. The nobz are thwarted and forced back.

Furious of the miserable grots and the week nobz Smashfaca decided to show how things should be done and singlehandy charge the Crisis suites. The crisis suites however manage to take of in the last minute and the big claw only strikes air. Seconds later he is hit by one of them knocking him to the ground almost passing him out. Smashfaca miss both his attacks with the claw. And takes two wounds in return. Facepalm.

Turn 3 Tau begins

Commander O'Sada realise that he is uncomfortable close to the advancing boyz. He jumps a bit backward and fire his weapons. Once again the flamer is his most trustworthy friend and manage to roast three of the orks.

The boyz gets infuriated by this and charge O'Sada. It does not go well. The orks has problem to penetrate the Crisis suite armour and only manage to wound the commander. Meanwhile he manage to kill three of the orks himself with his iron fists. Unfortunately he got distracted by a choppa to the helmet and does not realise the danger of the buzzing sound until it is to late. The nobs chain choppa bites hard into his shoulder and stagger him backwards. The fighting spirit of the orks is nevertheless broken and they retreat a bit giving him time to breath. 33 dices was rolled for the orks. 17 hits. However a 6 was needed to wound the commander and only one was rolled on those 17 hits. Luckily the nob manage to do another wound with his big choppa but it is not enough. The commander in return only need to avoid to roll 1 for his hits to manage to kill the orks.

On the other side of the Hammerhead the Firewarriors fire into the Nobz. Almost killing all of them
only leaving a severely wounded nob left.

The lone surviving ork bike decide it is time for a strategic retreat and rush in behind the shelter.

On the hill behind the orks the Crisis suites advance to secure one of the objectives while fire the fusion blasters at the wounded warboss finishing him of. The rest fire their weapons on the grots killing four of them.

The grots also advance and fire back at the crisis suites manage to wound one of them, a feeble cheer can be heard when smoke start to appear from the crisis suite.

The Hammerhead is out of hard targets to fire upon and instead direct is power at the nearby orks. The railgun hit one of the orks straight in the torso but the mean beast just continue to advance towards it even thou it has a huge hole in the chest (a one is always a failure even when it is from a railgun). The rain of missiles cause another ork to vaporise. 

The badly wounded remaining nob charge the remaining Firewarriors manage to take one with him before he is cut down by short range fire. 

Turn 4 Tau begins

Commander O'Sada afford himself a quick glance at the battlefield, things are looking good for his troops, before he return his attention to the horde in front of him, but they look grim from himself. However the orks seems to lack some of the lust to fight after their warboss where slain. He must however keep them in combat as long as possible to give his scouts a change to retrieve the Teryllium.

He decide to jump over the ork boyz and attack them from
behind, by doing so he cut of their way of retreat to the colony. (And block them from being able to get to the objective)

Five of the green beast succumb as he fire while he jumps above them.

The orks swallow O'Sadas bait and charge him. This time he has no possibility to defend himself. His wound making him slow. The last thing he see is a giant brute throwing himself over him. But he knows that his sacrifice might have given his scout time to get out.

On the opposite side of the battlefield the Crisis suites fire all
they have at the grots. The fusion blasters are to cumbersome to hit any of the small statues but the other weapons are taking their tolls and killing five of the small bastards. The grot morale is however high and they refuse to lay down their puny arms. A six was rolled for the grot morale.

The ork bike rush to protect the objective.

Just to be blown out of existence by the Hammerhead

On the other side the grots advance trying to protect what is left to protect (securing two objectives) while they fire at the Firewarriors. The dune they hide behind protect them however from the inaccurate fire from the grots.

Finally the Firewarrior advance (contesting the objective) and kill two grots.

The Tau gets a message that the scouts has found a few possible containers and evacuated the area. As sudden as they appeared the Tau disappear leaving only piles of dead orks. The few reaming orks immediately starts to fight among them self to appoint a new boss. The hard earned containers on the other hand showed to contain only low quality Teryllium and the loss of Commander O'Sada will be hard to replace.

The game ended in a tactical draw with both side controlling one objective each and contesting the third. It was however a strategically victory for the Tau since they lost only a few Firewarriors and the commander while the orks lost, not only their warboss, but also most of their troops and the battlewaggon. If it haven't been for the most trustworthy of all trustworthy unit of them all. The stalwart grot it would been a even harder loss for the orks.
There new Quality Defence mechanic has put a lot more focus on armour or and armour piercing than before. Which is good since it makes the tanks feel more like tanks. The orks really struggled to get through the armour of the Tau. I imagine how it will be to face the Space marines where all sixes is needed. Need to take more rokkits.

The system still works well but it feels that it has been an overhaul and i think some number here and there might need to settle a bit before it feels as stable as before the overhaul.