Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Varyan Guard

The Varyan Guard was originally named The Huscarls and are believed to be founded during the seventeen founding with gene seed from the White Scars. Their original purpose was to reinforce the defence in the southern areas around the Maelstorm and as such their home planet was Garden of Mickle at the edge of the Maelstorm. Nevertheless sometime during M36 the Garden of Mickle was overrun by the forces of chaos and the surviving Huscarls were forced to become a fleet based chapter.

Failed in their mission the Huscarls considered themself without honour and in a effort to regain some of it they started a rentless war against any taint of chaos they could find regardless of losses and without taking time to restore their forces. Their numbers where quickly dwindling and in the end only the cruiser Mumin and less then a company remained of the once so proud chapter. It was at that time the Wolf Lord Varyan approached the chapter with a proposition. He and his Company was to undertake an expedition into the Eye of terror trying to find a trail of Russ. And he needed men with nothing to loose to follow him. Recognising the honour of the Huscarls and their fiercely hatred of chaos he gave them a purpose.

The mission took over a decade and was in the end a failure. But it gave the Huscarls a purpose again. The few that remained renamed themself The Varyan Guard and started to assembled new recruits from feral planets around the galaxy.  Only recruiting candidates that is ready to die for their honour. They also reformed the chapter more to the like of the Space Wolf, donning huge power axes and dressing themself i fur and fangs.

The current state of the Varyan Guard is good, they has rebuilt their fleet and is now roaming the galaxy, often divided into smaller fleets, looking for honourable fights wherever there is an ongoing strife and possible recruiters on all planets they pass. They often show up without a warning in a warzone, land where the fighting is the heaviest, test their strength against the enemy and disappear when they loose interest. Often long before the war is won. They no longer follow they Codex Astartes strict and there is suspicion that they have recruited more than their allowed numbers. But since they are constant moving and often divided it has been hard for any Inquisitor to start an investigation.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Glory found?

+++ Varyan internal communication +++

+ Planet reached in the Gota Sector. Designation Unum +

++ Sources indicate heavy infection of Orks ++

+++ Estimated possibility of glory in battle to be found - HIGH +++

++++ Estimated conditions for new yarns to be recorded - GOOD++++

+++++ Preparing scouting party +++++

The Varyan guard has come to Unum searching glory in battle. A small scout party has landed in what once was a sacred groove to the emperor. Now overbuilt with ork huts. The Varyans consolidate in some old construction barracks that has been left around and play the 'Ride of the Varyans' loud to draw as many nearby orks to the spot as possible.

The Varyan forces

Champion [1]. Leading the ᚠ-squad
Pistol and Energy Sword

Rhino [1]

Assault Brothers [5]
4x CCW, Energy Sword, 5x Pistol

Assault Brothers [5]
5x CCW, 5x Pistol
Assault Brothers [5]
5x CCW, 5x Pistol

Cyclone Missiles, 4x Energy Fist, Energy Sword, Heavy Flamethrower, 4x Storm Rifle

The ork forces

Warlord [1]
Cyborg Body, Energy Fist, Heavy Armor, Linked Carbine, Pistol

Goblin Herd [10]
Orc Herder
Goblin Herd [10]
Orc Herder

Orcs [10]
9x Carbine, 10x CCW (A2), Heavy Machinegun

Orcs [10]
9x CCW (A2), Energy Fist, 10x Pistol

Orcs [10]
9x CCW (A2), Energy Sword, 10x Pistol

Orcs [10]

9x CCW (A2), Energy Sword, 10x Pistol

Turn 1 Ork Begins

The boyz to the right advance a bit to take better cover behind a low wall the ᚦ-squad also advanced on the Varyan right to hide behind another wall.

This trigger the shootas that advance forward and fire all they have at the ᚦ-squad. The wall takes most of the bullets but one unlucky marine falls to the ground with a serious wound.

The Terminators advance towards the heap of rubble in the middle and fire at the shootas that exposed themself. Killing three of them. 

The dakka scares the grots that only advance to take up position in the centre of the ork line (and as it happens right on an objective)

In the middle the Rhino speed forward and slide into cover behind two small huts close to the ork line. However small part of it is exposed between the two huts making one of the ork mobs move forward and fire at it with their pistols but fail to do any damage.

The ᚠ-squad disembark and fire at the shootas. Killing two of them.

The remaining ork mob rush to the left flank where the marines has amassed. The boss join the mob in behind the wall to the right trying to convince them to move up.

Turn 2 Space Marines Begins

The ᚠ-squad charge around the wall and hit the shootas with full power. The disorganised orks are cut down before they have any possibility to retaliate. The nearby grots however are herded out of the way for the boyz behind them while they fire their puny shootas and by the grace of Mork kill three space marines.

The terminators take cover behind the crates and fire at the onrushing orks. Killing four of them.

With the grots out of their way the orks want to charge the space marines. But they do not reach them in time. While moving they fire their pistols scoring several hits but all of them bounce of the space marines thick armours.

The ᚦ-squad move up to give some covering fire to the ᚠ-squad but pistols are not enough to kill an ork. Only one boy goes down.

The boss give up the effort to get the boyz to move and instead charge up the nearby hut not reaching a good fire position. 

The Rhino pivot in place and fire at the advancing boys but miss. 

The boyz on the ork right flank stays behind the wall, extremely unorky (but they protect the objective, must be blood axes).

The other mob of boys in the centre shows better spirit and charge the Rhino. The giant axe-saw of the nob cleave the poor tank and the boyz make short work of the drivers. 

Turn 3 Space Marines Begins

A cheerful roar rise from the ᚠ-squad as they see the boyz charging against them and they counter charge. Smashing into the green hulks with chainsaws buzzing and a battle hymn on their lips. Soon all the boyz lies dead on the ground. None of the orks manage to damage any of the marines. Nonetheless is three of the marines killed by cowardly fire from the grots in the space marines backs as they heroically was fighting the orks.

The Terminators decide to teach the bold orks a lesson for destroying the Rhino and charge them. They quickly crush the boyz with their energy crackling gloves. The nob on the other side single-handy engage two of the terminators. Before huscarl Yngulf have time to react the axe-saw bite hard into his right shoulder, cutting of the power supply to the power fist. Huscarl Jarl try to grab and crush the nobs shoulder but a quick swing of the end of the axe push his fist away. The nob then carry on with sweeping the leg under huscarl Jarl sending him to the ground with a rumble. Huscarl Yngulf staggered by the blow that rendered his powerfist useless rise his assault bolters to empty the clip at close range but the nob had predicted his move and with a side step duck out of the way, followed up with a spin hitting huscarl Yngulf with full force in the head of his suite, digging through with a shrieking noise killing huscarl Yngulf. Two bullet from huscarl Jarl hit the nob in the leg, forcing him on his knees. The nob turn and launch himself upon huscarl Jarl. Ripping the helmet from his suite killing him with goring tusks. The nob rise to his feet staring defiant at the remaining Terminators with blood running from his fangs.

For a few seconds everything is still then the Nob charge the leaders of the terminators huscarl Katjan. The force of the attack staggers Katjan backward. One strike he parries. Two strikes. But the third force his sword away and the forth hit him over the arm, cutting it of. Kartjan falls to the ground but his sacrifice has made it possible for huscarl Arnulf to encircle the nob. As Katjan falls he can see the nobs big grin turn into a expression of pain and surprise as huscarl Arnulfs power fist punch through its wide rib-cage. 

Enrage by the coward acting of the grots the ᚦ-squad fire all they have at them killing two of the weedy grenskins.

The boyz on the right flank realise that they might miss some of the fun and run forward around the hut.

The warboss throw himself down from the hut and charge the two remaining terminators hoping to not miss the fun. With a furious impact he hit the terminator with the cyclone launcher locking him into his power claw lifting him into the air. In a desperate attempt he tries to reach the ork with his flamer only manage to make it more difficult for huscarl Arnulf to reach the warboss. With a terrible snap the terminator is cut in two. Huscarl Arnuf throws himself with full weight upon the warboss hitting him straight in the head with the powerfist throwing him at leas two meters back. But to his horror the ork just stands up again, and spits out one of his toofs.

Turn 4 Space Marines Begins

Huscarl Arnuf power up his powerfist again and charge the green hulk with pistons working overtime. The ork catch his powerfist in his own claw. A giant explosion from when the two incompatible powerfields meets throws both combatants in opposite direction leaving a crater and two smoking bodies. 

The grots try to hide behind each other on the open ground and fire at the ᚠ-squad. Their puny guns unable to make even a dent in the space marines armours.

As a response the ᚠ-squad charges the grots. There is not much glory in killing so unworthy foes but still it must be done. The grots might not be good fighters but they are good dodgers and after much chasing and swearing only eight of them are dead. The rest is broken and running around without aim even the runtherds cracking whip can't get them back into order.

The ᚦ-squad move backwards, securing the retreat way (and thereby an objective)

The boyz on the right flank realise that they  have missed all the fun and rush back to the wall (and the objective)

In the smoking crater in the middle of the field a faint whining sound can be heard. It is the sound of the ork warboss cybernetic backup system kicking in. With a cough i rise up from the dust. The left half of the ork almost burnt away (1 wound left thanks to the cybork body). It was a good scrap.

Counting objectives. Both sides hold two each while one is completely uncontested by either side. A draw.

The Varyan vanguard withdraw in shame. Not much glory found alot of glory lost in the five damaged terminators suites. Their previous owners now drinking with their brethren in the gardens of Mickle. The report nevertheless is waking great hope among the other Varyans. The information they got was correct. There is stout enemies on Unum and alot of glory to be found in the future. The loss of their brothers glory make the glory from further victories all the more glorious.

Monday, March 6, 2017


Upon hearing the demise of her beloved brother to those filthy orks, commander O'Hada became engulfed with rage and revenge. The rage spread quickly among the warriors of her cadre, unhindered due to the lack of ethereal. At nightfall almost half the cadre left their post on foot, wending into ork territory to find the slayers of O'Sada and avenge his death. The entire night they marched and as day broke they found themself on one of the wet moors of northern Unum. The morning brought a dense fog limiting the visibly to less than a hundred paces. Even the trusty heat spectrum in O'Hadas helmet seemed to be unable to break through the fog and give some clarity, the damp weather reducing the heat of all and everyone to an even level.

With the cold damp weather also O'Hadas rage seem to cool down. Worryingly she start to scan the white world that surround her and her cadre. Why haven't the scouts reported back yet? She only got static in return. Slowly she and a few fire warriors started to advance. The audio sensors suddenly picking up a dulled sound, a squeak, like from slowly grinding wheels. Wasn't there movement, or is it just shifting in the fog? No it is movement. Quickly she order her warriors to seek cover. Something approaches in the fog. Now she could identify the foe. Orks, and they seems to have brought some artillery with them. They are to close for a tactical retreat, not here on the open moor, not without vehicles. They have to fight.

The game was fought using OnePage Grimdark Future rules with 1000pts per side. Both forces where mainly foot sloggers. 

Tau forces
Tau Commander O'Hada in Battlesuit with a missile pod, pulse rifle and a flamer

3 Crisis Battlesuites with 2x Fusion Carbines, 2x Pulse rifles, missile pod, gatling carbine and a shield drone

10 Firewarriors with pulse rifles

10 Firewarriors with pulse rifles

5 Gun drones with pulse carbines

Ork Forces
Warboss Sniffscuffla with a big chain choppa (Energy Sword) and heavy armour

10 slugga boyz with a big choppa nob (Energy sword)

10 slugga boyz with a big choppa nob (Energy sword)

10 shoota boyz with a big shoota

10 grots with a herder

3 Kannons with grot crew

The ork won the rolloff and choose the side with some ruins on it. We had decided that the small pool was impassible while the small patch of swamp was dangerous. The hills where difficult.

The orks spread the kannons even along their front with the shootas taking cover in a ruin and the sluggas taking the flanks. 

The tau decided to keep the crisis suites and the gun drones in reserve while position the fire warriors behind an old forest and a patch of bushes for cover. Commander O'Hada joined her forces on the board on the right flank.

We rolled for five objectives. The orks started to place them. Most objectives where placed in the centre.

Turn 1 Orks begin

The goblin artillery in the centre fire at the fire warrior trying to hide behind some bushes. But succeed to hit a big pool of mud instead. A one was rolled, not a good start.

The fire warriors behind the dead forest carefully advance into the forest and take position outside the range of the ork shootas and fire at the slugga boyz that foolishly is in the open. Five pulse beams hits. Five orks dies. The Boyz are extremely confused about who is shooting at them and start to fight about where to charge. The sluggas where down to half their size and forced to take a moral test, which failed. Pinning them forcing them to use their next action to get back in order.

The kannon on the ork left advance to a advantageous position in a ruin and fire at the fire warriors in the dead wood. They hit the hill beside the wood. Another one rolled.

Concerned of the shell that hit the hill in front of her O'Hada decide to try to take out the kannon. She advance and fire her pulse rifle and missiles, the flamer was not in range. The missiles hit the ruin wall, the pulse rifle on the other hand hits the kannon but is deflected from its thick armour. It would be better if the missiles had hit since they had Ap(3). With the massive armour of 9+ of the kannon alot of Ap is needed to bring it down to manage levels. The missiles could at least have the possibility to wound it on a 6, while the pulse rifle needed a 6 and then a reroll of 4+.

The shootas realise that their weapons does not have the range to reach the fire warriors in the dead wood so they advance a few steps. Bringing some of them out of cover and blaze away! The mass amount of bullets in the air cut down three fire warriors. The orks needed sixes to hit. But with 18 dices there is bound to be some hits.

The other team of firewarriors takes the opportunity. They advance into cover of the bushes and fire at the orks in the open. Killing three of them. In this case four of the orks where in the open. The other where in cover so we decided that Tau where allowed to fire without the -1 for orks in cover, but could at most kill those outside cover. They simply concentrated the fire on the exposed targets.

The grots rushed forward eager to get into firing range.

On the ork right flank both the slugga boyz and Sniffscuffla rushed forward but still hiding behind the hills to avoid some of the Tau fire.

The third kannon also tried to fire at the fire warriors in the dead wood. Killing a already dead tree. At least it was not a one rolled.

Finally the brawling orks gets back in order and is united in what direction to charge next.

Turn 2 Tau begins.

O'Hada slipped a smile inside her helmet. This might not be the orks that slayed her brother but it did still felt good to kill them. She had most of them where she wanted. Charging her gunline. Now it was time to call in her reserves to deal with the almost unprotected ork artillery. She called in the Crisis suites. But only static answered her. The dam wet air must be interfering with the electronics. At least the pre-planned attack vector of the gun drones had not failed as they came zooming in on the orks left flank. The crisis suites did not succeed their roll for deployment. The gun drones did and at least did not scatter either.

The recently rallied slugga boyz where taken completely by surprise by the fast drones that came out of nowhere from the thick fog. Cutting down every single ork in the group.

The shootas is however fast to react. Shift their position in the ruin and fire all they have at the drones that now is in the open. Destroying all but one of them that is instead spinning out of control.

The fire warrior opposite the shootas take the opportunity while they move and kills another three of them. The orks however stay organised.

The kannon in the centre of the field roars. Hitting a ball of moss far away from the designated target, the fire warriors in the bushes. Yet another one rolled.

Commander O'Hada stop cursing in the useless comlink and fire all weapon she have in range of the shootas hoping to wipe them out. But her rage make her shoot go wide and none hit the targets.

In front of her the kannon in the ruin fire at the fire warriors hiding in the dead wood. Again almost hitting O'Hada. Guess what, a one rolled.

The fire warriors hiding in the bushes lacks good targets. They can choose between the kannons that is almost impossible to damage or the grots. They go for the grots. The low stone wall in front of the grots  protect them from the worst fire and only two of them goes down.

The spared kannon fire back at the fire warriors. Hitting ground just in front of them spraying them with dirt. At least a 4 rolled. If the fire warriors hadn't been in cover it would be a hit.

While the fire warriors is occupied with killing grots the orks and Sniffscuffla rush forward from the hills towards the bushes full of foes. Foolishly expose themself in the open. Just for the hopes of getting a good brawl.

On the other side of the field the grot advance into firing range to the tau in the dead wood. Most of the shoot however goes wide and those that hit bounces of the fire warriors armour.

Turn 3 Tau begins.

O'Hada curses over the comlink. The orks are getting close now and the kannons are bound to hit something sooner or later. But for no avail, only static answer her.

The fire warriors in the bushes fire direct fire at the advancing orks. But the nerves are not under control. Only three of the brutes are killed. Far to few. The orks are lucky there where a lot of ones rolled.

The orks smash through the bushes into the tau, roaring with happiness. Slaying five of them before a decent counter fire could be organised, killing two of the orks and driving them back a bit.

The other team of fire warriors want to fire at the sluggas in the ruin but realise that their line of fire are blocked by weedy grots. Desperate they try to clear them but only manage to kill two of them.

The shootas advance to get a clear line of fire at the side of the grots and fire back at the fire warriors. With some lucky shoots they manage to kill two of the warriors. This is to much for the remaining warriors and they hit the ground and refuse to rise. Tau is reduced to less then half their numbers and fail the morale test.

Commander O'Hada realise that she has to try to take out the kannons herself and jump over the hill she has been taking cover behind to get into range with her flamethrower. But the cowardly grots just take cover behind the armour shield of the kannon and manage to get away unscratched. There where a lot of hits but again there where no sixes rolled for to wound. The kannons are almost impossible to wound.

While they where hiding behind the kannon shield the grot used their time to reload the kannon and fire back at O'Hada. But there is something with having flames raging around you that seriously affect your ability to aim. The round miss with several meters even thou the short distance. Yes you guessed it, another one.

The final drone is getting the control back.

While all the firing on the right flank has happened the kannon in the centre has advanced a bit (and by sheer coincident happens to control an objective after the move) and is then firing at commander O'Hada that now is in the line of fire. It is a direct hit in the chest of the commander. The armour piercing shell penetrate the crisis suite before it detonates inside it spreading pieces of O'Hada all over the place. The kannons where bound to hit something sooner or later.

Boss Sniffscuffla like to hear the cannonball roarin'. But even more he likes a good fight. He charge the remaining fire warriors in the bushes from the flank. With his enormous chain choppa he cut one of them in half and mortally wound another. The remaining fire a few pot shots that fail to do any damage before they turn and run.

The third cannon on the right flank also advance and fire at the remaining fire warriors in the dead wood. The shell hit in the middle of the troupe but their armour withstand the shrapnel. 

Is a whole other thing about the grots that now, certain of victory, leave the safety of the stone wall and advance over open ground while firing everything they got. The pinned and newly shaken fire warriors are running around like confused chicken trying to find new cover and three of them are killed by the grot fire.

Turn 4 Tau Begins

Ui'Ceca  scanned all the ranges of the communication protocols once more, still only static. He started to worry. The small squad of crisis suites had no visibility of the battlefield from their rear position due to the fog. But the flashes of pulse fire and explosions had been seen lighting up the otherwise grey world every now and then. The fight must be hard. Why hadn't commander O'Hada called them in yet? This was enough, they had waited long enough. Never mind if they would get in trouble with O'Hada about disobeying orders. Ui'Ceca signalled to the other warriors and they took of. The sight that meet them once the battlefield come into view where not a pleasant one. Orks everywhere, but where where their troops? Ui'Cece decided to land in the middle of the field, trusting the power of the suites to protect them, hoping to get an overview of the situation and at the same time be in a good position to kill as many orks as possible.

The crisis suites land not far from the centre kannon and advance by foot towards it (getting close to the objective) before fire at it with the fusion blasters. The power of the blaster melt the entire kannon, exploding the shell in the barrel, killing all the grots. The two other crisis suites concentrate their fire at the orks that recently killed the fire warriors in the bushes. But only manage to kill two of them.

The shootas decide to fire at the lone gun drone that has regained control and finish it of before it could become a threat.

The few renaming fire warriors in the dead wood rally them self and get back in order.

The kannon on the ork right flank advance a bit (and secure an objective) then fire an anti tank shell at one of the crisis suites. Hitting it straight in the head decapitating the poor tau within it.

The other kannon on the left flank fire at the fire warriors but manage to put the shell in backwards and nothing happens. And there we rolled a one again.

The grots advance into the dead wood. Killing another fire warrior when they are on a row anyway.

The three remaining slugga boys decide to, against the orders of Sniffscuffla, charge the crisis suites.  Most of their blows bounces of the armour of the crisis suites but a few dig deep wounding one of the warriors. One of the orks however takes a hard blow to the head and bites the dust.

Sniffscuffla snicker a bit and think boyz will be boyz while he advance into the bushes seeking why the tau decided to defend it? (Thereby securing and objective)

The game is over with a decisive 3-1 victory for the orks.

I did not take long for Ui'Ceca to get a grasp of the situation. As fast as the suites had landed they took of again. Near a bush not far away from the battlefield an ork throw of his camouflage net that he has been hiding beneath. Revealing a strange apparatus beside him. Mek Scrotrumpa was pleased with himself and he figured that boss Sniffscuffla would be so as well. For a long time he had been listening to the radio transmissions that the newcomers had sent out. He had built the machine that scrambled their communication channels, he had suggested for Sniffscuffla that they should use it together with the fog to get close to the blueskins. He should get a lot of thoofs now, a lot of thoofs to buy new shiny things with.

The game was a revenge for the orks from the previous game where it was the orks that was nearly annihilated. The orks however had to thanks the bad luck for the tau reinforcement that made sure that the crisis suites did not come in until it was to late. 
The kannons was an interesting unit for the orks. On one side where they utterly unable to kill any thing but crisis suites. There where a lot of ones rolled. On the other side their armour of 9+ made them in turn more or less unkillable making them perfect objective guards.