Tuesday, March 4, 2014

+++ Report on house Luton +++

+++ To the headquarter in the Gota sector +++

House Luton is one of the big houses of Agnebergus and thereby claim their right to a place in the council. Their history go back over a millennia and as such is counted as an upstart house by the nobility of Agnebergus. They have most of their land in the south east parts of Agnebergus Prime. Even though a lot of their land is within the imperial protection zone they are the house that has been most cooperative with our military rule and always willingly supplied men and resources to the defence-lines. Even more willingly than the houses that lost most of their land to the orks. Research has shown that house Luton also was a stern associate with the imperial authorities during the last Gota wars for over a century ago. They therefore is my prime candidate to start to improve the fighting powers of the houses. 

The current fighting force of the house Luton consist of five thousands infantry and about two thousand cavalry. I have ordered them to double the number of infantry before the end of the month. All soldiers of the house Luton will be taken of the front line and be trained in military tactics of the same standard as the imperial guard. They will learn to fight in a coordinate way an blindly follow order. This is calculated to take three month. During that time a regular uniform for the troops will be manufactured.

We also need to make the troops more mobile. Today they can only travel by foot, thereby limiting the operational range of the main part of the troops to a few miles per day. The cavalry has a longer operation range but suffer from lack of horses. I therefore request help from the Adeptus Mechanicus to investigate the possibility to redirect the productions of agriculture machines to war machines.

+++ 746.994.M41 General Almund Garnif of the Ferran Steel eagles, High commander of Agnebergus IV +++

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