Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Green Tide Has Been Halted!

The orks has been beaten back and Wasnagga is most probably dead. The empire has lost a lot of ground and Hive Agnebergus is still in an exposed situation. But the time is ripe to strike back, retake lost ground and hopefully break the stalemate at the Equistrus line. The orks is fighting among them self about who is going to lead Wasnaggas horde and can easily be picked apart. But the imperial troops are war weary and the Blood Angles has not yet recovered from the losses in the catastrophic raid. Troops are moved back from the Hive Agnebergus to Equistrus Minoris to bolster the defences there and prepare for an offensive. In the High Command in the tallest spire in Hive Agnebergus the Imperial Commanders and the Lords of Agnebergus are drawing up the plans.

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