Monday, July 11, 2016

+++ Official report regarding changes in signals from the Unum system +++

+++ From Task Force 1.V.B.34 +++
+++ To Naval headquarters at Imperatores Corona +++

A brief report regarding changes in communication patterns in the Unum system.
Short Background
The Unum system was considered expendable in the ongoing battle against Waaagh Snassthoof for more than a year ago. The imperial forces where left with the order to defend the system no matter what and all supplies where redirected to more critical areas. A part of Task Force 1.V.B.34 ongoing patrol of the front line include monitoring communication signals sent from the Unum system. Ever since the expendable order signals has been incoming with request for additional supplies. The communication has however lately subsided and the level of ork clutter has increased. The following weeks have we instead noticed an increase in communication signals, many of them mention another enemy apart from the orks besieging the forces of Unum. We have also managed to record several signals of unknown origins.

The exact locations of the new signals are hard to pinpoint at our current distance. We therefor request permission to make an forward reconnaissance mission to the Unum system to investigate those signals and their origin.

The Unum system has three inhabitable celestial objects that would be the prime targets for the missions.

The planet Unum is the most likely source of the signals. It is the main settlement in the system with a reported number of inhabitants above five billion before the war. It is at Unum that most of the fighting has been taking place to defend the system.

The second most likely source is the mining world of Cappa. To hot to live on the surface the planet has however been rich of minerals and was before the war home to several millions miners and had a decent planetary defence force to handle frequent rebellions. When the navy retreated from the system the fighting was still ongoing in the tunnels of Cappa.

The least likely is the moon of Latus. Before the war only inhabited by a monastery and a larger convent of priest. The prime religious site in the system. The temples did however stop all interaction with the rest of the world when the Waaagh reached the system and all communication was halted. The fate of the monastery is unknown but presumed to be overrun by the Orks.

The rest of the worlds, the gas giants of Vesti and Verdi, the cold barren rock of Mila and Quadraginta with its surface of ever melted lava is uninhabitable by as well men and orks and is most unlikely the orgins of the signals but will however be scanned.

The estimated timeframe of the mission is no more than a solar month, And at any signs of heavier ork warships or unknown vessels the plan is to retreat.

+++ General Admiral Peder Thordenskjold Commander of Task Force 1.V.B.34 +++

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