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Desert Orkz

The Night Lords on the planet Unum is ravaged by internal strife since their lord Arcous died in a skirmish against the Tau. His former sergeant Kozine has taken command of a group of Night Lords and lead them to a small town in the Lazarus desert where three ancient golden marine statues is located. The statues might be the golden harbingers mentioned in the Strophe of Curze that should reveal the great power of Curze. If Kozine can come back with clues of where to continue the search he will probably secure the Lord title over the Night Lords on the planet.

Unfortunately the town is located in an area infested with orks. This actual area is controlled by Great Mek Hazzadduzza and his Desert Ratz. Upon learning that there is non orks in the area they take all their vehicles and speed to the spot hoping there will be a good fight. The Night Lords has just reach the town when they see a huge cloud of dust on the other side.

The game was 1500 pts per side. Before we started we decided to test to play for six rounds instead of the normal four in 40k OnePage to see if it would let the armies maneuver a bit more.

The orks consisted of:

Big Mek Hazzadduzza on his bike armed with a Powerfist and a cluster of attached weapons that worked like a Shokk Attack Gun

Two big mobz of warbikes with 5 boyz and a nob in each. The nobs were armed with a powerfist and a big choppa respectively.

A warbuggy armed with rokkits.

Two wartrakks with big shootas

Three scorchas with flamers

A tank battle waggon with a cannon and four rokkits.

A transport battle waggon with a Deffrolla loaded with a horde of 20 boys and a pain boy.

The Night Lord army were composed of:

The lord Kozine leading a 10 men warband armed with close combat weapons and one carrying a lascannon mounted in a Rhino.

Two more ten man warbands mounted in Rhinos one with a heavy bolter attached and one with a plasma gun.

Two predators. One named Lightning armed with twin lasercannons and one named Thunder armed with an autocannon.

The mission rolled was Size Ground and 3 objectives where rolled for. The three golden statues.

The Night Lord spread out on on their side while the orks had most of its units to the right since there where the only open ground. The forest to their left where only guarded by the trakks that had the strider ability.

Turn 1 Night Lords Begins

First to react on the rampaging threat is the crew of the predator Lightning. They move forward and fire their laser cannons at the advancing open topped battlewagon. The intervening  houses however give the battlewaggon plenty of protection and they only manage to scratch it (1 wound).

One of the bikerboyz roar forward and try to hide behind a pillar. Only to be target by the white rhino that moves forward. But their aim was off and they miss the bikers.

Instead a scorcha bounce out of the jungle spewing fire over the read of the rhino. However to no effect.

The Rhino on the Night Lords right pummels forward in full speed. Taking fire from one of the wartrakks but to no effect.

The warband in the Rhino unloads and fire at the exposed scorcha. Placing a few holes in it (1 wound). By disembarking they nevertheless expose them self and another scorcha speed out from the threes and burn one of them to death.

On the other flank the Thunder predator fire all its autocannons and bolters on a unlucky mob of bikerboys killing four of them in a hail of fire. The remaining two bikers gets their motors running and speed toward the Thunder. Ducking the bullets from the nearby rhino.

On the ork far right a Tank waggon lumber up the field. Fire its battlecannon on the move at the Thunder. Destroying a few trees.

The warband in the nearby rhino decides that it is to dangerous to stay in the tank and disembark. Firing their pistols and plasma gun at the other biker group. Killing two of them.

The ork rokkit buggy move forward and fire the rokkits against the white rhino but all bounce of the (relative) thick armour. It however convince lord Kozine that it is unwise to remain the the vehicle and he order his men to disembark and they fire at the biker boys again, killing another two and with their laser cannon they put a big hole in the advancing battle waggon.  (3 wounds and shaken)

This is however the target the orks has been waiting for. The remaining scorcha round the house and puts one of the marines on fire. The battle waggon speed ahead at full speed and the orks on board disembark charging lord Kozine and his warband. There is a massacre (rolling 54 dices only for the boyz) killing seven of the chaos marines and only taking 3 casualties in return.

Finally Big Mek Hazzadduzza advance with his bike fire his custom gunz at the Thunder but fail to do any damages.

Turn 2 Night Lords Begins

The Thunder try to take out the scorcha, but miss. The severely damaged battlewaggon in front of it decide that it is do or die and put the metal to the pedal and assault Thunder. The thick armour of the predator saves it from any severe damages (only one wound) but the crew is shaken by the impact.

The warband on the Night Lord left move forward and kill of the two remaining biker boyz hiding behind the pillar.

In the middle of the battlefield the orks make short work of Kozine and the remaining marines.

The remaining warband on the Night Lord right move forward and try to destroy the scorcha in front of them but fails (1 more wound).

Hazzaduzza move over to fire on the warband on the other side of the battlefield but his weapon system fails him again. Only killing a single marine.

One of the Rhinos fire at the menacing scorchas but miss the nimble vehicle. The remaining ork biker charge the Thunder with its powerfist. Manage to do a rather impressive new window on the side (2 wounds) but is killed in the next instance by the accurate bolter fire from the nearby rhino.

The rokkit buggy secure one of the objectives and fire at the Thunder but miss it again. On the other side the Lightning fail to kill the targeted wartrakk in the forest with its laser cannons. The tank commander execute the gunner for being a failure.

The Tank waggon on the ork left fire at the warband that advance in the open infront of it. The rokkits and shells however fly wide as they usually do for orks and only two marines is killed.

The Thunder tries to dispose of the battle waggon in front of it but the light weapons of the predator is not enough. The initiative is now at the orks.

The scorchas circle the warband killing another three with their hellfire and another two goes down to the fire of the war trakks.

Turn 3 Night Lords Begins.

The thunder fire at the horde of orks in the middle of the battlefield. Killing two of them and severely wounding another two that however quickly is brought back on their feets by the pain boy.

The tank waggon let go of another round of rokkits and shells at the advancing warband, this time leaving three bodies on the ground.

The Night Lord start to get desperate and the leftmost rhino decide to ram the deffrolla battle waggon. Smashing into its hull ripping it apart. This is to much for the waggon and an explosion flips it over.

A nearby scorcha speed out from the cover behind a pillar and flame three marines to ashes.

On the other side the other rhino try to redo the successful ramming of the battle waggon and ram one
of the scorchas but fail to do any damage. The scorcha instead continue to run in circles around the warband and killing another two of them.

The white rhino ram the ork horde and kill one of them under its track, but take in return some beating (1 wound)

And another of the night lord in the warband to the right is killed by the bullets from one of the wartrakks. The warband fire back and finally destroys one of the scorchas.

Hazzaduzza has been moving forward in slow speed to inspect one of the golden statues and get a clear shot of Thunder. The bullets from his marvellous inventions however only bunches of the predators armour. Irritating Hazzaduzza tremendous.

The Lightning has however some better luck with its laser cannons and reduce one of the trakks to almost scrap. But only almost as it has time to finish of the last of the marines on the chaos right.

The rokkit buggy try to do some damage on one of the rhinos and this time it succeed and make a minor dent in the hull. The horde of ork assult the white rhino but fails to do any damage on it.

Turn 4 Night Lords Begin

The rhino on the Night Lord right ram straight into the orks as a response. Killing another two but taking some damage (one wound). The orks respond by swarming the rhino but fail to do any more damage.

On the Night lords left flank only one marine with a plasma gun remains. It tries to use it to kill of the scorcha but miss.

The Tank waggon ignores it and instead try to kill the rhino that rammed the other waggon to death but fail to do any damage on it. It instead ram the scorcha and does some damge on it (1 wound)

One of the Trakks in the forest speed out and try to hide from Lightning behind some buildings. The other one is not fast enough and is blown to smithereens by the Lightning.

The rokkit buggy fire at the rhino hitting it again (another wound). But doing so it expose it self to a ram from the white rhino. It does however manage to get away with a blown drivers door and a flat wheel (one wound).

The scorcha in front of the buggy finish of the already damage rhino that just had rammed it.

In the middle the ork horde takes heavy fire from the Thunder, killing five of them and the ork morale fails and they hit the ground and try to hide effectively pinning them. The Thunder however take return fire from Hazzaduzza that make the entire tank to wobble from side to side (one wound and shaken)

Turn 5 Night lords begin.

The remaining footslogger succeed in damaging the scorcha with his plasma gun. (one wound). Making the scorcha firing into the ground instead of at the white rhino. The white rhino back up and ram the buggy again (another wound and shaken).

The boyz start to get back in order again after some yelling and beating from the nob, just to be cut down to a man by another salvo from the Thunder. Leaving just the Nob and the pain boy standing. Pinning them again.

The tank waggon pivot in place and let loose its volleys at the white rhino finally destroying it.  The other rhino continue its ramming spree try to hit the remaining scorcha but fails.

The shaken rokkit buggy needless to say could not hit a barn wall. No more a rhino. The Lightning has been forced to move forward to get an angle to the trakk hiding behind the houses. Blowing it up.

Finally Hazzaduzza has gotten his custom gunz to work proppa. (rolling 12 attacks). Turning the remaining rhino to a nice little crater.

Turn 6 Night Lords Begins

The lone footslogging chaos marine advance towards one of the golden statues and at the same time succeed to turn the rokkit buggy to a smoking wreck. Forcing the tank waggon to move forward to blow him away with its cannon.

The Thunder move forward to secure one of the statues killing the nob and the pain boy.
The only way the orks can force a draw now is to kill of Thunder. Hazzaduzza power up his weapons and a gleaming ray of power surge towards the Thunder (another 12 attacks rolled) but no damage is done on the predator.

Leaving Lightning to unhindered secure the third statue.

The battle was a victory for the Night Lords with two of three statues in their hands. Both sides had however taken a severe beating. With only the two predators left for the Night Lords and Hazzaduzza and the Tank waggon left for the orks.

The orks are driven off and the remaining Night Lord can in peace and quiet examine the strange symbols found on the statues hidden under the golden shell. They speak of a ancient temple long forgotten. Kozines climb to power however ended with the sudden impact of a choppa. However there are plenty of others willing to take his place. Hazzaduzza survey the site from a nearby hill. We needz bigga gun. Is the only though of passing through his brain.

It was a close game, if it would have ended at turn four it would possible be the orks that would be the winner since they could easy contested two objectives and controlled a third with their fast vehicles. They did not however had the staying power to last six rounds. We agreed that six rounds is a bit to long since it became more of a slugfest with to little units left in the end. Other lessons learned was that: Rhinos is most effective as tank shocker and not firing their puny guns, they are also remarkably hard to kill even thou they only have three wounds. Biker boyz are rather weak and dies fast. Ork light vehicles are tougher than the look.

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