Thursday, May 19, 2016

The warped and the Tau

A powerful energy wave swept along the entire ship, disturbing the room-time making it look as its solid alloys was bending as it went back to normal-space.
Shas'El Sa'cea Kalias watched the air caste members on the command bridge as they frenetic tried to get the communication and scanning equipment to start. To El'Kalias eyes did many of them seemed like they where broken beyond repair from the fighting. But as the mechanics started to open up the panels and rewire the control one system after another started to go online again.

El'Kalias wondered if they ever would learn what or who that had attacked them. It was shortly after they made the transfer to the other-space they lost contact with the bridge. Reports was coming in shortly after that the bridge had been blocked by an unknown alien force and the ship has been taken over. Commander O'Carasada had immediately put together an improvised attack force with soldiers  experienced in ship combat and ordered the rest to get in high alert and search the ship for additional intruders. The swift response seemed to first have taken the boarders with some surprise. But in retrospective it had swung to their favour to obviously to not been planned. O'Carasada and his troop had succeed to breach the barricades around the bridge and enter the control room. El'Kalias had not complete knowledge of what happened after that since there where no first hand survivors. Somehow it seemed like intruders had appeared near O'Carasadas rear guard and engaged. They drove the rear guard back and succeed to close the barricade again behind O'Carasada. What then happened in the control room was unknown. But when they finally fought their way in again they found the stripped bodies of O'Carasada and his men laid out in a strange pattern on the bridge floor. Fought and fought. They had tried to breach the barricade several times in what seemed like days or weeks. The time is always so difficult to measure, just as the room, when you are in the other-space. But each time they was driven back by the invaders. They often appeared without a warning from a secured corridor in their flank or rear. It seemed like they knew the ship inside and out. El'Kalias only saw them briefly a few time. Tall creatures. Entirely dressed in black armour similar to those worn by the gue'la elite warriors that he seen countless of instructions holos of how to fight. But these did not fight like in the holos. They where brutal. Rentless. Almost as they enjoyed the fight. Their vox-casters screaming high pitched unnatural sounds. But still able to break off without a trace as soon as they where overwhelmed or when their task was done.

It was during these fights that the intruders somehow succeeded to enter the Aun quarter of the ship. Somehow they seem to have slipped unnoticed halfway across the ship. Impaled the Ethereal and his bodyguards on sharp metal stakes ripped out from the hull. And retreated again without a trace. Needless to say the ship has been in anarchy since that.

And then, at what became the last assault they where all gone. El'Kalias had led this assault against the bridge. They had established a perimeter around the lower doors as they tried so many times before. But this time they weren't attacked when they unwelded the doors and when they finally entered the bridge it was empty except the bodies of the pilots and O'Carasadas assault troop.

El'Kalias' thoughts was interrupted by a crackling sound from one of the voice casters. 'This is Vas'Arluun calling! Repeating. This is Vas'Arluun calling! Anybody hearing us!' Vas'Arluun one of the frigates in the fleet that meant that they where not alone wherever they where. One by one the air caste got contact with the other ships in the fleet. All reporting similar stories. Strange black aliens taking control of the bridge shortly after the passing. The only ship still missing was their flagship the Aun'Tarda. Suddenly a communication officer reported that they had caught several unknown signals from the surrounding space. Identified by the intelcomputers as be'gel.

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