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Chaos Rising

The planet Unum in the northern parts of the Gota Sector has been the battleground between orks and men for the last two years. It is one of the front worlds in the current Waaagh Snassthoof war. Unknown for both side it is also one of the most important battleground during the Great Crusade where the legion of the Night Lords got their first foot hold in the sector. Now ten millennia later a small warband of Night Lords will try to infiltrate Unum while the orks and Empire slug it out and search the planet for lost artefacts from the ancient war.

The warband is however soon discovered by a force of orks and an unplanned battle take place.

The battle was fought using the OnePage 40k rules. A faster less complicated rule set for 28mm 40k. It can be found here And yes. The main rules are on one page so it is not much to read. The mission was Duel which means that the winner is the one that kills most points of the opponent. Each side had 1000 pts. The Orks became the attacker and choose to set up with a strong left. The Night Lords responded with setting up their Land Raider opposing the battlewaggon and a flanking force of bikes.

The orks realizing that their battlewaggon is an easy match for the Land Raider run it behind the abandoned fortress in the middle of the field. Unfortunately the cover is not enough and one of the lasercannons of the Land Raider still has line of sight. A huge hole in the side of the battlewaggon immobilize it. The lascannon on the other side make sure to transform the poor wartrakk to a big hole in the ground. (Unlike normal 40k each side activate one unit at the time alternating activations, making it possible for the opponent to react on each move)

The Flash Gitz hiding in a forest on the orks left side try to take out the advancing Hellbrute but their gunz fail them this turn and only a few shoots get out. The Hellbrute advance and its Multi Melta fry one of the Flash Gitz. The Grotz in the center move forward and fire their puny guns. The pure mass of gunz (twenty 4+ shots) actually put a dent in the Land Raider.

On the Night lord right the bikes enter combat but miss all their shots. The ork bikes move up to a bike duel. Killing one of their chaos counterpart with their shooting.

Realizing the threat the puny grots actually is the warband disembark from the Land Raider. The orks facing a though choice. Hoping to be able to assault out of the battlwaggon next turn but now out of range of any target and in a immobilized battlewaggon decide to just disembark. The Night Lord bikes on the left begin to out flank the orks. And the Warboss join the boyz.

The centre of the battlefield start to get cluttered. Time for turn 2. Since the orks ended previous turn the Night Lords get the first move the next turn.

The Land Raider start with Destroying one bike with one of the lasercannons. Try to kill the warboss with the other but just manage to take two wounds from him and finally gun down an ork with the bolters.

The ork horde have a ponder lengthy if they want to smash Land Raider or Marines. And decide after a few seconds that marines are funnier. They charge the warband. Killing all but two, while loosing half their numbers in return. (Each unit only have one stat called quality. The efficiency of each unit is a combination between the quality it has and how many attacks it has in that situation. The orks have a quality of 5+ while the chaos marines has a quality of 3+. This give a clear edge for the marines. Unfortunately does the orks have 80 dices with success on 5+ in this assault while the marines only have 22.) 

The Chaos bikes move up and try to kill some orks but miss. On the other side of the fort the grot riggers has worked hard with the battlewaggon and with a roar and a puff it start moving. Rounding the fortress and smash into the rear of the Land Raider. Somehow it deffrolla seems to stopped working (only four attacks rolled) and the Land Raider survive without any severe damage.

The Hellbrute kill three of the bikes. While the grotz gun down the remaining marines.
The Night Lords is now out of units to activate leaving the field open for the orks.

The orks start by trying to destroy the hellbrute with the blazing gunz of the flash gitz but only causing a wound. Then assault the Land Raider with the warboss. Doing another dent in the armour. Finally move the bikes try to shoot the Hellbrute but do no do damage.

Turn 3 the Night Lords start. With the Land Raider worth 500 pts the orks realize it must be destroyed to secure victory.
The Hellbrute kills another two of the Flash Gitz but they pass their moral roll and stand firm in the forest. The Ork mob swarm the Land Raider but only causing two wounds on the mighty machine. (To successfully wound the Land raider the orks first has to roll a 5+ to hit. Then the Land Raider has a 4+ in armour save and a 3+ in quality save to shrug of the wound so a lot of dices are needed.)

The bikes circle the orks trying to kill the warboss. In vain. Not even causing a wound.
Instead the battlewaggon get another chance to grind the Land Raider to dust. But only do another wound. The Land Raider answer with a devastating shot from the laser cannon. Blowing the Battlewaggon sky high. The other laser cannon kill a flash git, pinning the remaining git. Finally it try to kill the warboss with the bolter but he just shrug it of. The ork warboss fail to cause any damage on the Land Raider with the grots continue to pour damage to the machine causing another wound on it. The two remaining bikes circle around to get to the rear of the land raider next turn.

Turn 4. The Night Lord start the turn. The ork realize that they probably won't be able to destroy the land raider after all. 
The Land Raider try again to kill the Warboss but even a lasercannon is not enough to kill the tough beast (it has to be admitted that the warboss had a lot of luck with its save this game but having both 'eavy Armour and being though did definitely improve its survivability)

The warboss instead leave the Land Raider and assault the Chaos Bikers. Killing two of them without even breaking sweat. The lone biker however pass its moral test and just move away fire some shots at the ork bikers. The ork bikers charge the chaos bikes but fail to kill it. It is now up to the remaining ork mob and the grots to try to take down the Land Raider.
They fail and the game ends with 2 wounds remaining on the land raider.

Game over. Time to calculate the final score. With the Land Raider worth half of the marines points and still standing on the table the ork was not sure that the victory was theirs even though they killed every other Night Lord. The final score was however 425 for the orks and 350 for the Night Lords. A slime victory for the Orks. 

Since the game took only just over an hour we decided to have another game. So after half an hour list building we where ready for another go.

The battered Night Lord Warband has to retreat from the orks. But their retreat just took them right into the Imperial Guard Lines. They have to break through to safety.

The rolled mission was Break Through witch means that the Night Lords (the attackers) has to get more points in the Imperial Guard deployment zone than the guard it self. Not an optimal mission against the master of gun lines. The Night Lords deploy with the Land Raider and Hellbrute as a spear in the middle and the bikes as flanking forces. The Guard answer with putting their tank killing Russ Executioner right in front of it.

The Land Raider fire all its weapons on the Leman Russ Executioner. Stripping it of all but two wounds and Immobilize it. The lascannon in the squad in the forest try to hit the Hellbrute but miss it. The Bikers on the far right run and hide behind a forward ruin. The surviving Executioner fire all its guns on the Land Raider. Not making up to its name and cause only one wound. But making the crew shaken.
The Hellbrute advance killing one guardsman and the commissar in the wood while the other squad of guardsmen fire the missile launcher at the Land Raider but it fail doing any damage. The other biker squad hide behind the fortress in the middle while the remaining Russ fire the Battlecannon at the Land Raider. Causing another wound but this time immobilize the Land Raider. The warband has no choice but to disembark from their broken vehicle, and there is a long way to walk across the battlefield. Things already start to look dark for the Night Lords. In the middle a big squad of veterans advance while the officer order the lascannon to fire another shoot at the Hellbrute causing two wounds.

Turn 2, the Night Lords start. They have to kill a lot of guardsmen to be able to win.

The Land Raider finish of the poor Executioner. At least one obstacle less. But on the other hand does the lascannon kill off the exposed Hellbrute.

The biker behind the fortress zoom forward and assault the veterans. Killing none loosing one. Not a success exactly. They are now in the open and is taking fire from the infantry squad killing another. The other bikes on the far right continue its advance and hide behind a ruin in the opponents deployment zone.

The Remaining russ reckon it has line of sight to the warband and fire its battle cannon at them but the cover of the forest make them survive the hit. They instead advance and hide behind the wrecked vehicle. The veterans climb the vehicle and gun down on the warband. Killing the lord and another marine.  Finally the commander order the lasercannon to shoot at the bikes. But they miss.

Turn 3 the Night Lords start.
The warband charge the veterans. Kill 7 and loose three them self.

The russ move to the rear of the bikes and fire the cannon killing one of them

The remaining bike in the centre move toward the edge and fire at the veterans without effect. Troops in the forest reposition to be able to fire at the warband. The immobile land raider fire at what it can see. Causing two wounds on the russ. and killing a guardsman and a commissar. The veterans pour fire in the warband killing two more marines and the officer order the other squad to fire again killing another marine with the laser cannon. The bikes flee from the russ and fire at the squad with the missile launcher without effect. Finally that squad retreat behind a hill to get out of sight from the land raider and try to secure the imperial guards edge.

Turn 4. In the grim future it is especially grim for the Chaos space marines.

The two bikes on the right charge the lone squad of guards men. But does no damge. They are then quickly gunned down by the pursuing Russ.

The other biker fire at the nearby squad of troopers killing one. While the troopers gun down the bike. The warband charge the troopers and is killed in the process. The other infantry squad fire at the Land Rider and cause a wound while the Land Raider cause another two on the russ and kill two guardsmen. There isn't anything else for the remaining veterans to fire at but the Land Raider and they cause another two wounds and the game is over.

With the Land Raider getting immobile on turn 1 the hope was more or less lost for the Night Lords. The Land Raider is a big dangerous machine but it take up to many points at this level to be useful as been proven in both games. 

Needless to say we like the OnePage rules. It takes a way all the rule fiddliness of current version of 40K but keep the feeling. It still feels like 40K when playing. The heroes still stand out and survive against odds affecting the battle. The hordes is hordes and so on. It would still need some balancing and finishing but is already more balanced then current version of 40K

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