Saturday, December 19, 2015

Commissar-General Baruccus Ludius

Baruccus Ludius is one of the most well known commissars in the sector. He is originally from a small system called Lid but was trained at the cadet academy at Gota Magnus. It was during the Argutus Insurrection he made a name for himself where he made sure that a sole regiment of Holmus Sharp Dressed hold their position in a small bombed out town, then only known as point 332, against a much larger force of rebels. Making it possible for the loyalist to reorganize and strike back, in the end winning the war.

After that his career rocketed. Making lord Commissar in just a few years. But his preference to be out on the field meant it would take almost twenty years before he reached the current rank of Commissar-General. He had got several request for teaching positions at the academy and seats in the Commissariat department. Rumours even tell that he has declined an invitation from the inquisition. He instead spent most of his time in different assignments at the western borders. Constantly fighting the orks. It was therefore a bit surprising when he requested to take command over the commissars on Agnebergus instead of staying in the thick fighting at Holmus. Some malicious tongues event whisper that the Baruccus might start to get old and careful.

Baruccus Ludius is an archetype commissar. Ruthless, with a firm believe in order, discipline and the Emperor. He is known to never hesitate to execute cowards and traitors, regardless of rank.

Among the medals that cover his chest you can find:
The Order Argutus
The Winged Skull
Honorifica Gota

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