Tuesday, September 2, 2014

+++ Status Report +++

+++ To the Commissar-General Baruccus Ludius +++

The assault on the traitor regiment was a success. Many of the traitors was killed on the battlefield and the survivors has been delivered to your men as ordered. 

Heavy rain has made any pursuing of the routed tanks impossible. Judging on their location relative to Equistrus Minoris where they deserted we suspect they try to make it into ork controlled areas north of the Hammer mountains. 

If they reach those areas further disciplinary actions would be harder. Therefore all troops on the ground in the Hammer mountains has been ordered to prioritize to not let them through. With some luck we will be able to confine them in the mountains.

Hopefully will your skilfully interrogators get more information from the survivors of the future destination of the traitors.  

+++ 864.994.M41 Captain Harianus +++

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