Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Battlefleet Imperatores Corona

To protect the Gota sector the Battlefleet Imperatores Corona is permanently stationed in the sector at the forge world of Imeratores Corona.

The Battlefleet can trace its origin back to the Gota crusade and the ships that participated in that crusade. The most revered ships in the entire fleet is the two battleships 'The Crown' and 'The Key' both with history all the way back to the Gota crusade. The ships has since then been crewed by descendants from the original crew and most of the them has not been of the ships for generations. Unfortunately has alot of the knowledge and technology to repair and operate these ancient machines been lost during the millenias and by now only half the of the weapon systems are in operations, many areas of both ships has been abandoned and they are both prone to malfunction and engine failure. They has therefore almost been in constant orbit around Imperatores Corona since M37 and has only seen action at the most desperate times. Last time The Key and the Crown fired their mighty guns was during the Waaagh Gargantus at the battle for Imperatores Corona itself. 

If any of the battleships would be lost it would be a devastating blow to the battlefleet.

Apart of the two battleships the Battlefleet Imperatores Corona mainly consists of fast cruisers and destroyers suitable to patrol the ork border and quickly react on any raid. Most of the time is the fleet divided in patrol squadrons consisting of three to five cruisers and a number of destroyers and supply ships. Each assigned a part of the border to protect and monitor. The patrol missions often last years or decades and the supreme admiral rely on that the individual commanders are working largely independent and rarely give specific orders but instead general guidelines for what needs to be done.

Only during crises does the fleet gather in strength, most common during Waaaghs. At the moment a large part of Battlefleet Imeratores Corona is located in the north west part of the sector trying to repel ork reinforcements for the Waaagh Snassthoof.

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