Saturday, August 2, 2014

+++ Field training +++

+++ To the headquarter in the Gota sector +++

With the new troop carriers from Artisan Bonde we have been able to start training the troops in mobile warfare. The genius move to base the new troop carriers on an existing harvester design has given the advantage that it has been easy to find pilots that need minimal training to drive it. Artisan Bonde has chosen to keep the control system of the old harvester making it possible for any farmer that previously have driven one to easily adapt. We therefore already have more educated drivers than we have available troop carriers.

The problem has instead been to adapt the soldiers to be transported in the carrier. They seem to feel trapped in the enclosed and protected space inside the vehicle. There has also been incidents with soldier passing out during the transport. But intense training with live ammunition where those who want where free to walk beside the carrier has given quick improvements.
I supply images from the latest field trainings.

Here we see the troops disembarking the troop carriers getting ready to assault the enemy.

The young lord Luton is quickly learning the art of mobile warfare and I believe he will be able to lead the troops in combat.

We also have learnt the farmers how to use field artillery correctly. We do however need a way to move the artillery in the same pace as the troops to make them effective. I have tasked Artisan Bonde with the assignment to develop a way to transport our artillery.

I am convinced that the troops of house Luton are ready for combat within weeks and can be deployed against the orks in the Kettle.

+++ 861.994.M41 General Almund Garnif of the Ferran Steel Eagles +++

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