Sunday, July 20, 2014

+++ Upon the task of mechanising the Agnebergus planetary defence force +++

+++ To the headquarter in the Gota sector +++

Since my arrival I have ransacked the planetary industrial production to find a vehicle that could be reconstructed to meet General Garnif requirement to mechanised his newly trained troops. It was not en easy task indeed since the technical level of the planet Agnebergus is only on a basic levels and the production centers are only to cover local needs. If I only had the time to increase the planets knowledge of Omnissiah and the result would be much better. I have however the pleasure of deliver the good news that a satisfying solution has been identified. One of the great steam powered harvesting machines produced in Hive Agnebergus has shown a strong Machine spirit and shall be possible to convert to a troop carrier by removing the harvesting equipment and add full all around armour plating. I have requisitioned the factory and put all able hands to create the first prototypes that will be field tested together with General Garnif newly trained soldiers.

The troop carrier will have a capacity of about fifty soldiers and will be able to maintain a cruising speed of about twenty kph. The armour will be thick enough to withstand even ork battlecannons making it useful to deliver the troops directly to the front line.

The calculated rate of production when the factory is working at full speed is one troop carrier per day wish should be enough to supply all newly trained troops as well as replacing battle losses.

+++ 852.994.M41 Artisan Bonde, Visum Geata Mechanicus +++  

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