Thursday, May 22, 2014

+++ Status Report +++

+++ To the headquarter in the Gota sector +++

The combined forces of the Imperium has succeed to trap the orks in a giant encirclement. We hope to be able to push toward the sea and kill the majority of the trapped ork shortly. Below follow a summary of the estimated relation of the forces. As you can see does the orks still outnumber us. But I am certain that the lack of leadership and the shortage of equipment has greatly reduced their fighting capacity. 

++ Equistrus Front ++

+ Imperial Forces +
Blood Angels 4 Companies
Agnebergus Lord household troops 5 Regiments
Steel Eagles 3 Regiments
Imperial Navy 10 Fighter wings, 2 bomber wings

+ Estimated Ork Forces trapped in the Kettle +
Leaderless orks formal under Wasnagga Bubbleboots
20 Warbands, mostly mechanized, 8 Stompas, 15 fighta-bomma squadrons
Under Gofnobba Doubleskull
5 Warbands, plunderers. About hundred artillery pieces.
Under Lockstocka BarrelSmoka

10 Kult of speed warbands, fifty or so deff koptas

+++ 852.994.M41 Captain Harianus +++  

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