Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Kettle

By taking the bridges over the river North and the Gotha river has the Blood Angles made it possible for the forces of the Imperial guard to cut of the retreating orks from the safety behind the Equistrus line. The commanding generals estimate that at least a hundred thousands and as many as half a million orks are trapped in the encirclement now called the Kettle. Since the orks in  worst case outnumber the encircling armies it is of uttermost importance that the orks does not get the time to reorganize themself. The area is under constant bombardment from the Imperial navy and the northern armies are advancing rapidly. With the goal to push the orks out into the ocean. Or as Captain Harianus put it. 'We got the ork trapped in a kettle, so we better hurry to make an ork-stew before the kettle get cold.'

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