Sunday, February 19, 2017

Strategic report of the situation on Unum

+++ Strategic report of the situation on Unum +++
+++ Public log of Colonel Jospeh Catgor +++

+++ Entry 1118A +++

+++ Entry 1118B +++

There has now been more than a year since we last had any communication with the orbital command centre (OCC) and we must assume that we will be on our own for foreseeable future. The loss of the OCC caused a sudden collapse in the communication between the different regiments on the planet. The Mehsinov regiment had fortunately been positioned on the east coast when the collapse occurred and got some time to reorganise. Command was transferred after a common vote between the commanding officers to me. Our first priority was to secure food and weapons supplies from local sources since it was obvious that no more supplies would arrive. All local population in Mehsinov controlled areas where drafted and evaluated for the most effective position. To preserve manpower and ammunition we where forced to fight only defensive battles. Fortunately it has been possible to bolster our ranks by survivors from other destroyed regiments from further west.

After a few week we got the production of laser weapons up and running and is at the current situation producing more than a thousand a day. We have also made sure that the fertile areas of Mehsinov controlled areas are used for full production of food and livestock. Unfortunately do we not have the skill or STC for producing any advance vehicles but we has manage to get some production of standard spare parts up and running and is hoping to have a functional fleet of vehicles running for another few year.

The border areas has been heavily fortified by both visible and hidden fortifications. We are now prepared for a long siege in the hope that reinforcement will return in a couple of years when the central command has discovered our situation.

In the mean time we have tried to contact other Imperial forces on Unum to coordinate our efforts. It seems like there is still a rather good presence of imperial troops on the planet and if we only are able to coordinate our forces we could very well even defeat the orks.


+++ Supplementary note 1118C +++

The situation has changed drastically.
Recent clashes between unknown foes has indicated that there is a present of the forces of chaos at our borders. This is a grave threat. 
Our scouts has also reported that an unknown force of xenos seem to have landed not far from our border. The scout reports that the xenos seems to not be directly hostile and has been seen fighting against the orks as well as the forces of chaos. I have decided that contact should be made with the unknown xenos and if their goals do not seem to hurt the good of the Emperor a temporary alliance should be suggested.


+++ Supplementary file 1118D +++


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