Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Wrath

The Wrath is a cruiser in the Battlefleet Imperatores Corona. It was built at Imperatores Corona during M38 and is a typical cruiser of the battlefleet. Like most other cruisers it spend  most of its time patrolling the border to ork space together with one or several more cruisers and an escort of destroyers and frigates. 

Its main arment is two heavy front firing lances as well as the classic port and starboard batteries. It has been piloted by captains of the Chevron family ever since M40 and they take great pride in the cruiser that they more or less consider to be their property.  

It was seriously crippled at the battle of the Casus Singularity during The Waaagh Hazzlehoss and the ship and crew got recommended for its efforts in the defence of Imperatores Corone during the Waaagh Gargantus where it together with the cruisers Bravery and the Northstar and the battle-cruiser Leo Gota destroyed one of the orks battleships. 

The Wrath is currently commanding a patrolling force in the Holmus subsector trying to prevent ork reinforcement to the warsites.

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