Saturday, December 6, 2014

+++ Inquisitional Report Agnebergus IV A.1 +++

+++ For High Inquisitor Malera Vespido only  +++
+++ Security A +++

Since I arrived yesterday at Hive Agnebergus I have begun the work of getting trustworthy contacts that can help me in my inquisition of possible heretics on the backward planet Agnebergus IV. The people seems generally loyal to the empire and the xeno threat make them even more devoted. There has however been an recent uprising among the legions of the Ferran Steel Eagles. I will investigate further if there might be some connection with the premonition your highness had about this insignificant planet. The local command and foremost the Commissar-General Baruccus Ludius does however seem to taken righteous actions when it comes to the traitors. According to official sources has most of them been killed by the valiant Blood Angles in a mighty blow. This must however be confirmed with sources within the military command as soon as I have made the correct connections. I also suspect that there at least one team from the Ordo Xenos on the planet that might be an hindrance in my investigation. I will therefore proceed carefully and not risk to alert them since they most certain would only complicate the investigation.

+++ 877.994.M41 Gendunda Metora inquisitor Ordo Hereticus +++ 

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