Wednesday, February 19, 2014

+++ State of the Agnebergus IV planetary defence force +++

+++ To the headquarter in the Gota sector +++

The planetary defence force of Agnebergus IV consist of the household troops of the ruling lords. Each lord has between five and ten thousand men that they keep in arms given us a total of about a hundred thousand men. The troops are supposed to be used to protect the, for the sector valuable food production, but has mainly been used to petty fighting between the lords over the most fertile lands.

I have placed the lords directly under my command and dealt with the lords that hesitated to give up their command to support the empire.

To bolster the defences each lord has been tasked with double his household troops. To avoid problem in the food shipping must these men be taken from the population not directly involved in the farming procedures.
The state of the troops are however terrible. Most has no adequate training and since the imperial policy for Agnebergus has been to promote a fear of advanced technology to limit the damages to the crops by the fighting lords they lack sufficient equipment. They are used to simple rifles and do most fighting by horse or foot. I therefore request help from the Adeptus Mechanicus to improve the equipment of the planetary defence forces. Until such help can be received I can mainly use the planetary defence force to guard static lines to prevent the orks to reach the most fertile areas.

I have also issued a law for drafting militia into an army independent from the lords to protect the important space port Hive Agnebergus. These troop will be under direct control of the Agnebergus high command and is to be used only as a reserve force to protect the spaceport.

+++ 678.994.M41 General Almund Garnif of the Ferran Steel eagles, High commander of Agnebergus IV +++

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